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Puzzle Project

I was assigned this assignment as my term project for my Intro to Engineering class in my freshman year of college. The target market for the puzzle was elementary school students. With this in mind, I set out to create a puzzle that is fun, entertaining and inexpensive that kids will enjoy. 

I started the puzzle by interviewing stakeholders that will be linked to our product. I interviewed elementary students, parents, teachers, school principals, janitors, and school nurses. From these interviews, I gathered a list of needs and wants that the puzzle should have. I concluded that the needs of this puzzle were to have big durable pieces that can be easily stored and have a unique design. The wants for our puzzle were the following; cost-efficient, have interlocking shapes, be challenging, be time-consuming and be manufacturable. There were constraints given to us which were pieces had to made of 3D- printed material, at least one piece had to incorporate the laser cut, and include Arduino technology had to be incorporated into the puzzle.

The final puzzle used 3D printed shapes which I designed in order to fit together in the laser cut grooves. When the puzzle was complete it would create an image of a house. The Arduino was added to the puzzle as a timer set to go off after 60 seconds. The pictures of the puzzle are below. 

Puzzle Project: Text
Puzzle Project: Image
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