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Jetpack Experience

Concept Art By Maria Vega

Why a jetpack experience? The experience of flying over
cityscapes or over fields of wheat is something that can
resonate with guests from young to old. All who come to
experience what it is like to fly in a jetpack will leave in wonder
and awe. Each guest will have a personal experience with
wearing a jetpack without the feeling of being confined with
others on the ride. The jetpack experience brings the feeling of
flight and wonder that comes with it to the guests.

The queue and loading area will be themed to the corridors
of an industrial testing facility. Guests will be invited to take
part in the test trial of new prototyped jetpacks. Throughout
the queue, guests will see documents and photos of how the
jetpack has evolved to the current working prototype. Guests
will be able to catch a glimpse of the jetpacks of other riders as
they fly through an opening in the queue area. Guests will then be
split into two load show buildings where they will be loaded
into the jetpacks four at a time.

The ride vehicle design is based off the mechanical arm from
dynamic attractions, however my design is a bit different. To
start the mechanical arm will be suspended from an overhead
track on the ceiling. Each mechanical arm vehicle will also have
separate robotic fingers which will hold the jetpack seats each
guest will be secured in. Each ride seat will be made to look like
a jetpack you strap into will overhead harness that will come
down to secure you in place. Once loaded and ready for takeoff
each robotic finger will separate and move independently to
give the guests a more personal experience. Each jetpack seat
will be able to vibrate and slightly move up and down to
simulate the flight of a jetpack. Each guest will have a 3D face
shield that will be lowered for the 3D effects on the video
screens integrated with practical set props. Overall, this design
will be able to give guests a more immersive experience so they
will be able to feel like they are flying with a jetpack.

After guests are loaded into jetpacks and secured, the crane
(which is the mechanical arm) will move the ride vehicle from
the loading area into the hangar bay of the testing facility. The
robotic fingers will then separate and liftoff will begin. There will
be speakers in the face shield that will announce the beginning
of lift off and will explain that this will be a controlled ride
though the corridors of the facility to tests the jetpacks.
Jetpacks will move from the hangar bay into the corridors riding
past guests through an opening in the queue. As the jetpacks

move through the corridors a malfunction will cause the
jetpacks to go off course and move into the first show building.

As guests move into show building one, they will exit the
testing facility and enter the outside fields of streams, wheat,
and grass. This building will use physical show props but will
have a projection for the flow of streams. The guests will fly
over these open fields with a mist effect for the water to feel as
though water is spraying up at them as they ride over the
stream. This is where the first random flight failure will occur as
well as where the simulation of falling backwards will occur.
Guests will have to restart the jetpacks themselves to stop from
falling. Once guests regain control of jetpacks, they will move
into show building 2 with video projection screen showing a
transition from fields to small city.

As the guests move into show building two it will contain both
physical show pieces and video projection. Guests will fly over
city streets and between buildings. Guest will then come to a
tall glass building and start to fly upwards. This where separate
cameras pointed at each rider which will be projected onto the
screen of the building, to make it look as though their
reflections are on the glass as they move up. As the riders reach
the top this where the second random flight failure will occur.
The guests will feel as though they are falling backwards with
movement in the mechanical arm and fingers. Guests will again

have to regain control of the jetpack to continue their flight.
After regaining control, the guests will move into show building
3 via video projection transition from the city to fields on a

As guests transition from the city to farmland it will feel as
though they are flying over the fields. The guests will come to a
static barn where mission control will try to land the guests, but
as the guests begin to land on the roof, it collapses beneath
them. They will crash into the hay loft where smoke and dust
effects will occur to make it feel as though they went through
the barn roof. Guests will think this end of their journey but the
loft will snap and guests will land on the ground with hay flying
everywhere. Ride operators will then come in and unload the
guests they will exit the through another queue which is made it
look like farmland. The ride vehicles will then reset in loading
position and return to one of the two show loading buildings.

Even though this is my idea for the theming for this ride system
it can be easily overplayed into a current IP.

JetPack Experience: Text
JetPack Experience: Pro Gallery
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